Why Does Gun Control Fails to Stop Our Carnage

Why Does Gun Control Fails to Stop Our Carnage

So, exactly why will gun control fail to stop America’s awful murder rate? Take some time to this complex matter through and see how many reasons you can list.

For those who still don’t get it…Its the Culture, Stupid!

The following is a very fine logical treatment of this complex tragic matter. A tragic matter that is the result of some very bad American Cultural Design Flaws that must be corrected before our whole “house of cards” collapses.

Here are 10 facts for the liberal anti-gun nuts. The facts will do no good however. The liberal/progressive agenda is not gun control, it is tyranny.


VTM, 12/22/12

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2 Responses to “Why Does Gun Control Fails to Stop Our Carnage”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Yet another reason why gun control will be ineffective at stopping violence.



  2. Gonzo Says:

    Actually, Connecticut HAS a ban on assault rifles already in place, and the AR15 is included in that ban.

    However, besides the fact that gun bans do not automatically mean that those guns will longer exist, other types of guns can be used to kill. In China, on the same day as Newtown, an assailant attacked 22 people with a knife outside of a school. Apparently killing school children has become a common method of protest in China – a country with a total gun ban. The attackers use knives, very successfully, and large numbers of people at a time.

    Murder is not a weapons problem – it is a human problem.


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