Say No to “Day-O”!!

Say No to “Day-O”!!

I grew up listening to the distinctive and captivating voice of Harry Belafontes. I loved his music with its exotic Caribbean sound. One of my favorites was his Banana Boat Song..”Day-O”. I liked the Harry Belafontes, I that I thought I knew.

Please enjoy this wonderful ol’ song from my years of blissful naiveté. Perhaps you will also remember this music with fondness, as I still try to do.

I am sad to say that I do not like Harry anymore.

Some may call me a racist, but to do so would be to mimic the radical left/progressive illogical smear tactics that they so commonly use to discredit their cultural design critics.

I will remind my liberal friends that his ethnicity was the same when I liked him as it is now, when I do not.

Why don’t you watch and listen to Harry’s political thinking and see what you think. Perhaps you are one of those who Harry would like to see locked up!

He and his sociopolitical ilk are now in the process of turning America into a Banana Boat-Banana Republic!

Say No to “Day-O”!!

VTM, 12/13/12

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