Morals Without Religion?

Morals Without Religion?

I do know people who state that they are not religious, but who seem to follow a decent and beneficial moral code.

Therefore, I must conclude that moral behavior can exist without religion.

However, for many reasons, I judge that moral activity without a religious influence is a great deal more difficult to inculcate in our youth.

A socioculture such as ours should not demand that citizens embrace a religion. But it can encourage and extol the many benefits of religion.

To a greater degree than any time in our history, America’s judicial and political systems are now hostile to religion. This is now easily observed to a greater degree than at any time in our history. Therefore, America is also now more hostile to religiously-based moral conduct than at any time in its history.

All of this is easily understood by those who chose to look, and then think about what they see.

VTM, 12/11/12

Founder's Quote Daily

“In such a performance you may lay the foundation of national happiness only in religion, not by leaving it doubtful “whether morals can exist without it,” but by asserting that without religion morals are the effects of causes as purely physical as pleasant breezes and fruitful seasons.” –Benjamin Rush, letter to John Adams, 1811

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