A Practical Experiment: Texas vs. California

A Practical Experiment: Texas vs. California

On the Denise Miller radio show, the other morning, an expert in economics compared the socio-economic-political status of Texas and California.

Politically, Texas is very conservative–perhaps “Reaganesque”. California, on the other hand, is an enduring symbol of liberal/progressive politics and socialism.

The expert reported that Texas won against California in comparisons of job creation, percent of population that are poor, welfare recipients, unemployment, school  performance, tax rates, business starts, and more that I cannot now recall.

I also remember that he reported that large numbers of people were leaving the State of California and moving to Texas.

This is a pretty neat “natural experiment” comparing the many outcomes of a conservative socioeconomic culture to the outcomes for a long-time liberal/progressive culture.

This comparative outcome has been demonstrated through history, around the world. What will it take to help our simple-minded fellow citizens to understand this resounding fact?

How about a cartoon?!

VTM, 12/4/12

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

By Michael Ramirez – November 26, 2012

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