Why Is Our Domestic Goverment Buying Tons of Ammo?!

Why Is Our Domestic Government Buying Tons of Ammo?!

Have you ever wondered what could happen if Obama looses the National Election?

Have you heard the threatening rants of Lewis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam?

Have you heard the murderous threats from the New Black Panther Party?

Have you ever wondered what could happen if Obama wins the National Election?

I hate to stimulate paranoia, but with the Obama Administration, so much goes on under the public’s radar that we are constantly “blind-sided” with amazing changes that most of us never imagined.

America is in very dangerous times, both internally and externally. Our citizens are arming themselves as fast as they can and so is our Government.

There are reasons for grave concern.

Read the following documentation of recent strange domestic Government purchases of Ammo and riot gear. Read it to the end to see recent corrections to the report and additional concerns.

VTM, 8/16/12


P.S., Thanks to Lee Hornack for alerting me to these suspicious developments


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