Watch-Out For The Wahhabi Islamic Sect: The Salafist

Watch-Out For The Wahhabi Islamic Sect: The Salafist

The following is from Gonzo, a frequent contributor to my blog and author of his own very fine blog. Why don’t you join him at Gonzoreality  ?

Gonzo carefully researches the activities of various Islamic terrorist sects and has provided important information in his recent comment about my grim post showing an execution of an Islamic woman for questionably alledged sexual misconduct.

I hope you will read Gonzo’s remarks below.

V. Tom, 7/24/12

Your readers would be well advised to understand a few basic facts.

1) The sect of islam in Saudi Arabia is the newest and most devastating of all sects. Wahhabi spawned the Salafist (Safi).

2) This sect is brutal. The Saud royal family has a symbiotic relation with them, as they keep control of islam in Arabia, and in return, the Sauds give them substantial funding.

3) It is the Salafists that are causing the majority of the troubles worldwide, and have spawned nearly all of the terrorist groups.

4) Moderates in the know, fear them.

5) Safi/Saudi funded mosques are growing worldwide at an extraordinary rate, and comprise 80% of the mosques in the US ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC SOURCES. (This is not American fear mongering).

In Russia today, one moderate Imam was brutally murdered and another seriously injured in a car bombing. The perps were Salafist muslims hellbent on starting a civil war to break that region in to an islamic state. The Imam’s targeted had spoke out against Saudi funded extremist Salafists and their rhetoric of violence.

It is true. Not all Muslims are the problem. However, a certain sect is. They are well funded, well organized, worldwide, and impacting politics around the world. Their faces are organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, IANC, and their worldwide network counterparts.

There is no such thing as 20,000 lone gunmen acting in similar ways for similar reasons.

All good folks – we are being played…against each other.

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