Leftist Bias on America’s Campuses

Lefist Bias On America’s Campuses

McCarthy was right in his time and he is still right. I will bet he is rolling in his grave!

Please take time to read the following: You need to know this.

VTM, 6/16/12

The following is a direct quote from The shadow World, by Robert Chandler (pps. 231 & 232).

In Radical Son, David Harowitz described the hard Left’s infiltration of American universities after the 1991 implosion of Soviet Union. They became agents of influence for “Marxist renewal of re-emergence” in the United States and beyond.

The situation in the universities was appalling. The Marxists and socialists who had been refuted by historical events were now tenured establishment of the academic world. Marxism had produced the bloodiest and most oppressive regimes in human history—but after the fall, as one wit commented, more Marxists could be found on the faculties of American colleges than in the entire former Communist block (Howowitz, Radical Son, p. 405).

Hiding behind academic masks, these progressive-socialist-marxist professors—modern ‘organic’ intellectuals—have poisoned the minds of millions of students with American-hating, Gramscian Marxist advocacy. Out of some 617,000 college and university professors in United States in 2006, David Horowitz estimated, some 25,000 to 30,000 of them were leftists. When one tallies the number of university students passing through the classrooms of these “teachers of destruction” each year and the number influenced by their radical writings, Horowitz found that on the order of three million potential brainwashees could have been influenced annually.

The Leftist bias on America’s campuses is also shown by political party enrollments of professors in departments most important to American democratic culture: economics, English, political science, sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Professors as Brown University in 2002, for example, numbered fifty-four on the Left to three on the right. The Left-right disparity was obvious at the other universities as well: Stanford University–151 to 17, Cornell University—166 to 6, and the University of California at San Diego— 99 to 6. A similar lack of diversity and pro-Left bias was apparent at Penn State, University of Maryland, University of Colorado at Boulder, and many other colleges and universities across the country.

Marxists running professional associations reflected the shift of focus in academe to ‘a kind of psudosociology of race-gender-class oppression,’  Horowitz explained. The mission of the university…was now of  ‘of social transformation.’  Not only had ‘radical politics…become the intellectual currency off academic thought,’  Howowitz continued, but the ‘faculties, administrations, and departments…tried to recruit students to their political agendas.’  Testifying before a Kansas House of Representatives hearing on academic freedom, Howowitz explained that  ‘entire academic departments and fields are no longer devoted to scholarly pursuits, but have become ideological training and recruitment centers for radical causes.’ Adopting the role of ‘revolutionary intellectuals,’ these radical professors are working like Gramsci’s fellow travelers in the promotion of actions to destroy the values supporting the American Identity

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