“Three Views On Same Sex Marriage”, by Mike Adams

“Three Views On Same Sex Marriage”, by Mike Adams

I endorse the following article and I hope you will take time to read and think about its logic, reality-base and implications for the health and viability of our American Culture.

VTM,  5/23/12


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3 Responses to ““Three Views On Same Sex Marriage”, by Mike Adams”

  1. Brice Petgen Says:

    If we really want a return to traditional marriage there are a few issues that need to be dealt with. First, women must return to the status of property. First they belonged to their father and then their husband. It was not until recent historical events that women were finally able to begin to shed the yoke of being “owned” by a man. Secondly we must define which tradition. If we assume biblical traditions than we must support polygamy. The overwhelming instances of marriage in the Bible are polygamist. Solomon had several Hundred wives. In the Bible women were treated as property as well. A rapist must marry their victim, again the woman has no choice in the matter. If your brother dies and leaves a widow with children, yo must take her as a wife. What if your sister-in-law hates you? She has no choice because she is property. There is another traditional definition of marriage and that comes from the Greeks and the Romans. Both of these societies practiced monogamy, sexual fidelity was another issue. Also both cultures were rather accepting of homosexual lifestyles.
    In some traditional Native American cultures same sex unions where acceptable. So which tradition do we chose? Greek, Indian, Christian? The “traditional” marriage that is defended is relatively definition new in a historical perspective. So why not define marriage again to a much less oppressive and more accepting definition? Keep in mind that if one person is denied equality, then in reality no one is free?


    • Gonzo Says:

      Please provide a link to information that supports your assertion that, at any time in American history, women were the legal property of men. (Outside of the black slavery market as that is not the context of your assertion). Thanks.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Brice, I am not sure who is who’s property in my marriage of almost 50 years. I do thank God for my life with Sally, however. From all that I can tell, control has been fairly reciprocal.

      Also, I do not understand how (in any practical way) if one individual is not free somewhere in the world, how that will make me less free….pretty prose and emotionally evoking oration aside. And, once all of that is aside, what is the definition of freedom (I.e. B.F.Skinner and “Beyond Fredom and Dignity”?!

      VTM, 5/26/12


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