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Obama Works to Subvert America’s Second Amendment

May 18, 2012

Obama Works to Subvert America’s Second Amendment

Have you noticed that President Obama has had little to say about gun control. That is because he has been working diligently “under the radar”. Obama is a very clever revolutionary, trained by (or a student of) the very best revolutionaries in history.

Remember his appeal for a civil military as powerful as our national military?

Now factor in that he and Hillary Clinton are working with the United Nations to give-up our sovereignty vis-a-vis  our Second Amendment Rights.

President Obama is serpentine, treacherous, antisocial (his bald-faced lies are documented) narcissist (his self-adoration is astonishing) who must be ejected from power before he destroys America.

VTM, 5/18/12

Sound to fantastic to believe? Read the following!

Wake-Up America!

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