Another Way Obama Destroys America: Gay Marriage

Another Way Obama Destroys America: Gay Marriage

President Obama is doing everything in his first term possible to create chaos in America. Economic and social turmoil will provide a faster track to the Marxist transformation of America to which he is messianically dedicated.

If he wins another term, he is likely to appoint two more radical left Supreme Court Justices and our Marxist/Socialist fate will be sealed.

The National legalization of Gay and Lesbian Marriage would be just another way to create social and economic chaos in America.

You need to educate yourself by reading the following and then continuing to inform yourself more broadly on this volcanic cultural issue. 

In my judgement, the legalization of Gay and Lesbian Marriage will dramatically accelerate America’s continuing decline.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  5/17/12

Emeritus Professor of Psychology, State Certified Psychologist in Private Practice

Please Read The Following:

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3 Responses to “Another Way Obama Destroys America: Gay Marriage”

  1. Brice Petgen Says:

    I have yet to determine any manner in which marriage equality will damage our society. While it would be a significant change from our national tradition that would be a good thing. Especially when one considers that our national traditions have included slavery, cultural genocide perpetrated on the Indians, Jim Crow, women as property, segregation, etc.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thanks for your comment. If you read the ten ways in which gay marriage can harm society (that I recommended you do), and if you remain unconvinced that it will be harmful….I doubt that I will change your mind.

      I think the burdon of proof is on those who wish to make such a radical change in the fabric of our formerly successful culture. I.e., if you wish to make a radical change, prove its merits and prove the lack of harm.

      There may be cultures somewhere in the world that did not do bad things to others in their more primative stages of development. I am not sure that I can name any..perhaps you can. I am unmotivated by that progressive argument…and I do not judge that it bolsters the logic of destroying one of the center pieces of our Jude/Christian heritage. The argument that does make sense to me, from a progressive/socialist/marxist perspective, is destroy the family, destroy religious influences within the population, sexualize the children, liberate the children from parental control..create crises that will destabilize the status quo and thereby enable a transformation of the politic and culture of a society.

      I hope you will give that some thought. Thanks again for your comment. Tom


    • Gonzo Says:

      Brice, I’ve been contemplating your comment and apparent red herring arguments for awhile now. After all due thought, I believe I can critique your inclusion of America’s ancient history regarding slavery, the treatment of natives and women, and Jim Crow laws as it pertains to the present day marriage debate.

      To assert that the aforementioned elements are part of American culture, is erroneous. America is truly the melting pot of the world, with migrants bringing with them cultural aspects from their homelands. America is also comprised politically of conservative and liberal political movements, which combine to try to find reasonable middle-ground.

      Slavery in America as a cultural phenomenon was very short lived. Slavery came to America from other countries and cultures, primarily Africa and through the Arab trade, as slavery in Islam continues to be supported and practiced in many theocratic cultures. In America, it was the conservative movement that abolished slavery.

      I’m not sure what source prescribes women has having been the legal property of men in American culture. I know that women’s property rights were strengthened in the 1800’s, but that does not mean that women themselves were property of men. That would be slavery, and again, the conservative movement worked to gain women’s rights, albeit it did cause a divide in the party back then.

      Also, you may be surprised to learn that Jim Crow laws were pushed by Democrats, and not Republicans. Again, it was conservatives that stood in opposition of inappropriate legislation.

      You see, American culture has always been one of America shedding the cultural atrocity as practiced around the globe, and protecting those practices which make moral sense. Your argument does little to support the notion of gay marriage, but rather reinforces the cultural righteousness of conservative movements.


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