Huck on American History

Huck on American History

I recieved this comment from my old submarine mate, Huck. It is worth your time to read and tell to your children. I wish our school kids all knew and understood this information. They do not, from all that I can tell.

The following is a direct quote of my mate, Howard Hawkins (Huck).

VTM, 5/15/12

James Madison was one of three (3) men who wrote the Federalist Papers between 1787 and 1788 supporting the ratification of the U.S. Constitution which was and did finally replace the then existing Articles of Confederation.The other men were John Jay and Alexander Hamilton…there were a total of 85 papers written.

I think it important to deposit this history of information because of its impact on the early development of our Government.These men were very instrumental in getting the States to ratify the U.S.Constitution.

They were brilliant individuals who knew and understood the significance of a new form of governing never before implemented in the then existing world countries. This new government…a Republic not a Democracy was to give major power,rule to the States and individuals and limit the central body,i.e.the Federal Government in the dispensing of power and control.

If you take the time to read history,and familiarize yourself’s with how the Federal Government is governing today Madison’s comment rings loud and clear….we are losing our freedoms by silent encroachment of those in power now-”WAKE UP AMERICA”,otherwise the CANDY MAN will SOON become your JAILER.

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