Speaking As A “Racist Slimeball” And A “POS!”

Speaking As A “Racist Slimeball” And A “POS!”

I must be hitting pretty close to the mark with my blog because I got plenty of flack from, what I can only assume was a progressive, communist, Marxist “gunner” yesterday. I posted his comments so all could see the kind of profane condemnation and attempts at verbal punishment such individuals focus upon genuine decent.

If you wonder where,  what we call political correctness comes from, just witness the hate-filled profane insults thrown at me.

Screw you, and screw those disgusting disresptful racists POS! attacking Obama for doing something your Bushboy couldn’t do!”

“And that kills you racists inside! Yeah! I called you racists beause that’s what you slimeballs are!”

I suspect that a” racist POS!” is a racist Piece Of Sh–! I will accept that epithet as  a war medal won in combat during America’s 21st Century Culture War.

It is certainly not a Purple Hear,t as such words do not wound me. At age 70 years I have been called worse  over the years. Rather, I’ll consider it a medal for harassing one of America’s political enemies to the point of irrational behavior.

Regarding my being called a “racist”, this simple-minded  attempt to slander and discredit my objections to President Obama’s Marxist actions nicely illustrates how socialists attempt to punish their critics into silence. My response to that allegation is similar to my responses while watching a good comedy.

My philosophy of social science is Behaviorism. I like people who do good behavior and I do not like people who do bad things. I understand that the concepts of good and bad beg definition. If you have been following my posts on this blog, you will likely understand my meaning. If you have not, I invite you to sample some of them. I have written close to 700 posts and most of them are about, or imply human behaviors that I think are desirable and undesirable.

The fact is that racism as this behaviorist defines it, is the differential treatment of others based upon their race. Such differential treatment can advantage or disadvantage someone and that is what I call racism. Criticizing or complimenting someone because of their behavior is not racism. Rewarding, withholding rewards, or even punishing someone because of their behavior is not racism. As B. F. Skinner said, It is “good husbandry”.

I wish I could have voted for Alan Keyes for President.

I liked Herman Kain very much and doubt the allegations of impropriety brought against him, amplified by the liberal media.

Two of my very favorite economists and social commentators are Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams, Jr.. I have frequently quoted their words on my blog and will continue to do so.

I have a deep respect for Congressman Allen West. He tells it like it is and I would proudly vote for him if he were running for President.

I judge and I discriminate alright….but I do so on the basis of an individual’s behavior…not his or her ethnicity.

VTM, 5/12/12

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