America’s Congress: A Marxist Target

America’s Congress: A Marxist Target

Robert Chandler reports in his book, Shadow World, that the center of our Government is rife with Marxist influences. He provides ample authoritative resources to bolster his astonishing allegations.

Did you know that your Congress had something named The Congressional Progressive Caucus, composed of individuals who’s political and world views most closely resemble those who are working for a Socialist-Marxist World Order? This is a very influential caucus and, with other like-minded representatives, they strive for progressive-socialist-marxist political dominance in the U.S..

I hate to break it to you my friends, but we have all been asleep in the watch tower and we had better wake-up right now.

The left has ridiculed and vilified Glenn Beck to such a degree that even conservatives are not comfortable evaluating his views. I challenge you to evaluate the following and form your conclusions on your own…balanced against the popular media’s liberal biases on the issues discussed.

If you do, I believe you will experience a large dose of cognitive dissonance: Just what America needs…and it needs it right now!

Please read the following and view all three of the videos, it takes a few moments for the videos to load.

VTM, 5/2/12

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One Response to “America’s Congress: A Marxist Target”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    Moe- long long ago over the hills and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go the Communists said we will conqueror America without firing a shot….they are doing a grand job of just that!!!!-Huck.


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