Obama’s Law Against Free Speech

Obama’s Law Against Free Speech

President Obama is a Marxist in disguise. I understand that many view this kind of thinking as odd or quirky, or even paranoid.

But, as a licensed and practicing psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I will decide who’s thinking is odd, quirky, or paranoid.

I am sorry to be so blunt. I am just one who  has transferred my 36 years of experience as a professor of psychology studying the influence and control of human behavior into my research on the topic of The Culture Wars.

Dear friend, and I say this with great respect and gentle kindness: If you cannot see the culture wars raging all around you; transforming you, your friend’s, your children’s and grandchildren’s perceptions, thoughts and values, and behaviors, then it is imperative that you immediately go work to sharpen your reality testing skills.

If the average freedom and independence-loving, intelligent man or woman will just put a couple of hours a week into researching the failed “barrel-of-a-gun” Marxist/Leninist culture war strategies vs. the more contemporary Antonio Gramsci methodology, they will be stunned by their new world view.

Gramsci preached a decades-long Marxist transformation strategy in which the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of populations were won-over slowly, by emphasising peace and cooperation for the common good. This approach is based upon infiltrating targeted governments and working surreptitiously from within. Obama’s hybrid methodology includes a somewhat stronger arm, though deception remains his primary tool, as advocated by the American revolutionary Saul Alinsky.

Obama’s preference for a somewhat more repressive methodology can be seen in the video clip below. It can also be seen in his call for a Civil Military just a powerful as our National Military of a short time ago (Are The Brown Shirts are coming?).  If doubt me, just see below:


Why don’t you spend some time going over a few of my past blogs on this topic and checking out the validity of my resources?

Or, see below, for just one more powerful example of, Obama’s Marxist strategy and goals.


VTM, 5/1/12

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3 Responses to “Obama’s Law Against Free Speech”

  1. Questionman Says:

    Ughh.Just when I thought you couldnt be anymore disgusting, you prove me both wrong and right!

    “America’s military HATES Obama’s arrogant, little commie guts!”
    Screw you, and screw those disgusting disresptful racists POS! attacking Obama for doing something your Bushboy couldn’t do!

    And that kills you racists inside! Yeah! I called you racists beause that’s what you slimeballs are!

    No president, including Obama, has ever hated America. If he did, he would not have run for office. Different presidents have different opinions, but he is always doing what he feels is best for the country at the time.

    Do you even know what Marxism is or are you just copy and pasting from some Fox News fanboy site? If anything, Obama has been steadily right of center on economic issues, a conservative in many respects.

    The nearest this country ever came to anything resembling socialism was under FDR with the creation of Social Security. But you knew that, right?

    Dispensing disinformation, promoting bigotry and racism, and playing upon the fears and ignorance of many Americans – supplemented by a much more than healthy dose of self-promotion GOP can’t win on the issues, so they resort to hate, bigotry and fear.

    No formula for leadership: It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character.

    It’s a shame that in 2012, nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, racial hatred toward African-Americans is on the rise, in large part, because Barack Obama was elected as America’s first black president.

    If Obama is re-elected to the White House in November, I wonder what more we can expect from right-wing racists in the next four years.


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      Thank you for your comments. I thought them worthy of more exposure than would be provided in my public comments section.

      I therefore posted your comments on the main board. Indeed, they are worthy of greater thoughtful consideration.

      VTM, 5/11/12


  2. Howard Hawkins Says:

    Moe- it gets better and better.The American people have been watching a magician’s show…now you see,now you don’t lulled to sleep like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” skipping through the petunia field.

    Winning a war and make no mistake that is what is taking place as I write, the art of deception is the key to winning and the other side is doing a remarkable “Tango” dancing with the U.S.Constitution slowly eradicating a form of government, never before witnessed in the world, to mush for the dogs to feast on-Huck.


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