Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Reinforcement, Extinction and Punishment

Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Reinforcement, Extinction and Punishment

Why don’t you think about this!

 Thank you sister Jana. What a good one!
Which woman is truly free?
VTM, 4/12/12

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3 Responses to “Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Reinforcement, Extinction and Punishment”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    There is a distinction.
    In only one case does the individual actually have a choice.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Well, that is the point of B.F. Skinner’s book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity.
      I hope you will read that book some day. Your keen intellect would extract some profound insights.

      There is less choice in the bikini than you might think. The power of naked females over males, the modeling and imitation influences of the media, the fact that the garment industry provides little choice (even to mothers of female children), and the fact that individual males reinforce increasingly naked sexualized females with their attention, and material and sexual favors, and more…invalidates the “free choice” theory about American female dress (or lack of dress).

      The only difference is that the barrel of a gun, or a pile of thrown stones, motivates the burka. While a pile of high-velocity high-power positive reinforcers, plus the dreaded thought (the threat) of not obtaining them if a female does not conform to the rules of the sex game in the West, motivates getting naked or daily showing more cleavage, etc.

      In either case, my friend, “free choice” is more an illusion than a reality.

      Yes, culture can be defined as the actions and artifacts of a population of people. But, at the root of it all, culture are the contingencies of reinforcement, extinction and punishment (and other psychological social learning principles) that motivate the actions and artifacts. These things form the “unconscious” underworld of cultures and they power cultural evolution.



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