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‘We The People’: A Partial Fix For America?!

March 11, 2012

‘We The People’: A Partial Fix For America?!

An acquaintance, author and political “out of the box” thinker from South Bend, In., David Frank, sent me this.

He asked me to forward it to as many people as I could. I have read his good and patriotic book and it merits your consideration.

On another matter, I also like much that Ron Paul espouses.  However, I cannot support his position on legalizing drugs in America, the abandonment of Israel, or extreme isolationism in the world.

I hope you will take time to see what David Frank has to offer.

VTM,  3/9/12

What follows is sent by David Frank, through me, to you.

Whether or not you are a Ron Paul Supporter..this is important information to make America better. This is an opportunity for “WE THE PEOPLE” to Fix America…. Please check out the webpage and radio program included here..We do not need to arm ourselves with guns to make America better, we need to arm ourselves with “A Voice.” This is the plan and if you never do anything active again in your life, please share this information with as many as you can and let them decide if they are ready to stop being misrepresented and are finally ready to represent themselves..THIS IS THE PLAN..PLEASE,please, please share it!


Please check out this plan to GIVE ALL AMERICANS A “VOICE” ON THE ISSUES THAT EFFECT THEIR LIVES, not just the politicians.
A real 21st Century Plan for America…
Hear it here and see it at
 “Please check out this talk show..For a plan to change America by Giving All Americans a “VOICE.

People Empowerment Group Our mission is to educate and give a voice to the people of our community by establishing the communication technology, which allows them to participate and have a continuous voice on governmental, political, and community issues.

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