The Psychology of America’s Decline 1

 The Psychology of America’s Decline 1

Sooner or later, all sociocultures experience decline from which they may or may not recover. Countless sociocultures have been totally undone and have collapsed into oblivion.  As identified in Chapter 8, on cultural evolution, decline and/or collapse can occur for many reasons. Many causes have been identified (pestilence, disease, conquest, depletion of resources, etc.), but others remain less clear.

Less well understood is the problem of sociocultures that fail to maintain the strength and quality of their own citizen’s behavior patterns. This internal processes of collective behavioral decline is not yet well understood. It is true that external forces such as climate change, immigration and military invasion, etc., can unilaterally overwhelm healthy sociocultures. But, all to frequently it is the damaging and stressful byproducts of a weakened or otherwise self-defeating population’s own behavior patterns; plus the more easily identified external challenges that finally overwhelm their culture’s adaptive capabilities.

From A Book I am writing: The Psychology of America’s Decline.

You may share this, with citation, for noncommercial purposes only.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/18/12

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