This profane and damning epithet is normally applied to white people.

A black  friend of mine  once told me that blacks cannot show racism to whites because the blacks were disenfranchised and the whites have more power.

I objected to this definition because with it, whether racism has or has not  occurred, depends entirely upon whether the harmful actions of mistreating a person of another race is because you have more power than they do.

This absurd definition of racism is a handy and devastating tool  for those who are trying to advance a left-wing socialist political agenda. Using this definition, and using it to label hypothesized racial innuendos (“a dark cloud, “He is so articulate”, etc.) gains the power to destroy others with the empty but lethal label, Racist.

My definition of racism is behavioral. It is this: The mistreatmenting, or doing harm, to another person simply because of his or her race is racism. Anyone who does this, no matter their race, or the power that they or their race may or may not have, is a racist.

If any of us mistreat or harm others because of their race, we are a racists. If we teach, or organize others to do harm to others because of their race, both we and they are racists.

I am a practicing psychologist. Black people are as capable of racism as are Whites Orientals, and Hispanics, etc.. For example,  I regularly see our precious black children who want to get an education and speak proper english bullied and taunted and beaten  by blacks who, in the words of the bullied, want them to “talk and act ghetto” and to give up their “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo” goals and values. If they dress in ways similar to white middle class kids they become targets for abuse by black kids.

It breaks my heart to see this among children, let alone among adults. The pain from this is almost too much for me to watch and there is no protection for these children who suffer in fear. I am so sad for these children.

Watch the whole of this video for an education you will not forget. Please take the time to do it.


The abuse of others, simply because of race, religion, or personal aspirations in America will be the death of us. The same goes for the political race-baiters and all those who buy into their poisonous propaganda.

VTM,  2/2/12


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3 Responses to “Racist!!”

  1. Racist!! « GonzoReality Says:

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    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thank you Gonzo, your’s on this topic strongly powerfully augments mine. I am most appreciative and have posted your blog on my main page. VTM


  2. Gonzo Says:

    Thank you sir.
    I appreciate your personal testimony.


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