Stealth Jihad Revisited: Propaganda In America’s Classrooms

Stealth Jihad Revisited: Propaganda In America’s Classrooms

Gonzo commented that our problem is not just that we have failed to teach our children our American history and the history of Western Civilization. Rather, we are teaching things about ourselves and the world that are untrue .

In my view, the misinformation being taught (and the lack of our own cultural information) in our classrooms is damaging to America’s health, welfare and viability.

I thank Gonzo for bringing this to our attention.

Please view the following and judge for yourself!

VTM, 1/27/12

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4 Responses to “Stealth Jihad Revisited: Propaganda In America’s Classrooms”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Then there is college campuses. Apparently, in a rush to be P.C., campuses are hiring Imams. Unfortunately, many happen to be radical minded and hellbent on the destruction of America.


  2. Gonzo Says:

    Islamic creep is also present in “alternative schools”. With the emergence of tax payer funded vouchers to go toward private schools, this could get worse.

    Horizon Science Academy may well be an indoctrination school for islamic ideals.


  3. Gonzo Says:

    Another article that is worth a careful read and consideration:


  4. Gonzo Says:

    What is to be concerned regarding islamitization of a country/region? What aspects of the ensuing sharia/islamic culture could be so distasteful? Read this article carefully and fully. This is how girls are oppressed through a system of islamic culture that wields “family honor” and islamic appeasement as weapons to conformity.

    To those who would argue that this is an isolated case and thus alarmist, I ask, why is it then that a similar culture seems to emerge from those areas that become islamitized, even to the extent the previous culture is all but eliminated?

    Strict sharia, btw, allows for the marriage of 9 yo girls. Islamic countries with laws making minimum age for marriage as being 14 or 16, often ignore the law, and have enacted them to appease western powers. However, such laws are often met with contempt by islamic leaders. Why is that? Because they are seen as arbitrary man made laws, and not the divine mandated law by Allah.


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