Which Presidential Candidate Do You Like?

Which Presidential Candidate Do You Like?

Match Presidential Candidate
“This is interesting. Click on the link, and take the test to see who you really like best as a presidential candidate based on policy positions (i.e., personality excluded). First slide the importance to you bar to the degree of what issues are most important and least important to you accordingly. Then answer the eleven questions asked of you to see who, by name, you prefer. Try it. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s kind of fun.”
Thank you Vic Palenske for sending this. It is an interesting exercise.
I like Newt the most. Mitt is acceptable to me. Actually, so is everyone else, except Ron Paul. But I believe that Newt and Mitt are the ones most likely to win against Obama.
VTM,  1/17/12

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3 Responses to “Which Presidential Candidate Do You Like?”

  1. Valjean Says:

    Way to go on this esysa, helped a ton.


  2. Nelia Says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that intromafion earlier!


  3. Gonzo Says:

    Not this one.

    Guess its down to Santorum, Paul, or Gingrich.

    I like Paul as he is the only candidate that displays undaunted integrity. Gingrich has zero integrity, but calls creeping sharia the spade that it is.

    Santorum is interesting. The establishment doesnt seem to like him all that much, which tends to make me think that he is a straight shooter, albeit ultra-conservative. I hate to say it, but he seems our best shot at a moral leadership for 2012.

    If only Paul were a little less isolationist.


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