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Throwing Out Moral Codes Lead To Barbarism

January 13, 2012

Throwing Out Moral Codes Leads To Barbarism

Whether one believes or not, by throwing out the moral codes that makes only broad reference God, and replacing them with no moral code to teach and hold as a desirable standard,  we increase bad behavior among those prone to barbarism without strong training. Yes, folks, those are teens and the rest of us.

Can’t you  see this?

The argument that such a harmless yet beneficial moral code, as the one forced out of this school by a child (propped-up by adults and a national political organization) would lead to a theocracy is a ruse and a farce.

One passage in the Bible that I cannot believe is; “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.” To that, I say, only when the atheists bury the meek under it.

When the politically militant atheists win, we all lose.

Please see the following for a clearer context for my remarks:


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