Americans Should Know! Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic

Americans Should Know! Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic

I have found much confusion in my readings about history, societies, and evolving cultures over the use of the terms Democracy and Republic.

These terms are often not used with precision. Americans frequently talk about their  American Democracy. Given this pitifully declining Nation’s general failure to acculturate its children in its own fundamental values and ethics, why should this be a surprise?

This Nation produced the first Republic in the history of the world. It was created to protect the God-Given Unalienable Rights of individual American citizens against the tyranny of the majority vote. A tyranny which was often witnessed by The Framers of our Constitution among  various democracy designs through history.

Every American should know the following:

Know it, use it,—– or loose it!

VTM, 1/8/112

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2 Responses to “Americans Should Know! Difference Between a Democracy and a Republic”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    I have read the link included many times over the years.If all Americans would read it and include help if required to understand what is being projected they would come to the realization as I have that this Great Country of ours Constitution has been and continues to be under attack.Our Forefathers’ would be appalled at the form of Government we now live under in the guise of the original intent and prescribed rule as stated in our U.S.Constitution.

    I’m indebted to Dr. Mawhinney for taking the time to research this subject and post it on the web for all Americans to see-thank you.


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