More About Ron Paul!

More About Ron Paul!

My last post provided a brief focus upon Ron Paul and the need for voters to consider that what he is calling libertarianism is actually a radical liberal political movement.

I will not describe all people who call themselves Libertarians as radical Liberals, but I have met some that definitely are. These individuals are radical liberals,  in my view, because they espouse nearly everything that Ron Paul does.

To elect President Obama to another term would further solidify America’s unmistakable decline. To Elect Ron Paul to the Presidency would markedly accelerate the destruction of America.

Take another, more in-depth view of Ron Paul, and see if you are not in agreement with me.

VTM, 1/1/12

P.S. We will have a chance at a Happy New Year if President Obama is defeated and a candidate with strong conservative/constitutional values and politics is elected. Otherwise, welcome to hell on earth.

Yes, Lee Hornack, this video needs to be seen by all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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3 Responses to “More About Ron Paul!”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    Ron Paul does not stand a snow ball’s chance in hell in winning the Republican nomination let alone the Presidency of the United States.

    Why one may ask-two reasons I offer:Big money doen’t like him;most of the voting constituency do not know anything about the U.S.Constitution let alone understand it.

    However with that said he does bring to the debates interesting plans of action the Nation should engage in, some of which fall right in line with the U.S. Constitution.

    The previous two comments both deserve merit.He is a Constitutionalist with Libertarian tendencies;his isolationism is to extreme in todays global menagerie of misfits.

    Like it or not the United Staes is the defacto leader of the free world and it is going to require a visionary leader extraordinaire to keep these fallacious rouge Nation nincompoops from igniting a world wide war.


  2. Gonzo Says:

    You would have to understand Paul’s stances more completely to fully understand how fallacious of a statement this video is.
    For example, he is not for legalizing drugs. He is for individual States legislating and enforcing their own drug laws. The same applies to abortion laws.

    If you look closely at his stances, he is for the return of the federal gvt to its Constitutionally mandated authorities, something which liberals are very much against. A liberal/democrat wants the Constitution out of the way completely so that they can affect their socialist utopia. Paul is much farther to the right than any other candidate IMHO.

    Paul is for the preservation of America, and part of that includes removing us from ineffective and highly costly wars. I agree with that. The war on terror is not fought and won in the theater in which we are engaged. For all the rhetoric from the right, the only thing being affected by these campaigns are trillions in national debt, and billions to crony capitalist war mongers profiting from unregulated spending.

    Nonetheless, I don’t think the country is ready for a complete return of the feds to their minimal and legally mandated position. I don’t believe he would defeat Obama.

    However, I think the unfounded mud slinging is destructive, as it tarnishes some of the very conservative ideals that we should be heading towards.


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      One of the deal breakers, for me with Paul, is his lack of concern about Iran developing nuclear weapons. When they do they will use it to kill thousands in one fell swoop. That Paul does not understand that suggests that he has been blinded to a monumental and lethal reality by his political ideology.

      That to me is a form of psychopathology: I will call it politipsychosis 😉



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