The Truth About America’s Christian Heritage

The Truth About America’s Christian Heritage

President Obama has stated that this is not a Christian Nation. I presume that he said this because America is composed of citizens of many religions, including the religion of secular humanism.

America not being a Christian Nation could be a valid point, if were not the case that Christians still make up the vast majority of all faiths in America.

The American Constitution provides for freedom of religion. There are people of many faiths in America and that would only be a problem only if some religions had the goal of eradicating all the others. Even though this is the goal of  radical Islam and some secular humanists, it is against our laws, and the moral precepts of Christianity, to mistreat or hurt others for reasons of religion.

However, none of this changes the fact that America was founded as a Christian Nation and still remains, predominantly a Christian nation.

Many will argue with this fact as they attempt to suppress your religious heritage. It would be in your best interests, and that of this Nations’s that you  prepare to rebut their arguments. I expect this will be a matter of social contention for a long time to come. It is possible for people of faith to remain civil, but contentious, in defense of the truth.

Please consider preparing yourselves for the debates that you will surely encounter by reading the following:

For a contemporary snap-shot of the Religious make-up of America, review the following:

Do not let others brow-beat you into silence on the facts of America’s Faith-Based, predominantly Christian, make-up. I fear that without the strong influence of  guiding morals and ethics in  the Judeo/Christian tradition, and that of other compatible religions, America will continue  along its path of decline.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/24/11

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