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God’s Psychology

December 20, 2011

God’s Psychology

From my psychological perspective (human conditioning and learning), what causes people to conform to religiously based moral values and conduct are the associations and consequences that deviation from, or conformity to, those values produce for them. Yes, the psychological Principles of Associationism and the Law Of Effect strongly influence our spiritual/religious lives.

A belief in God’s rewards of everlasting life in Heaven and the fearful specter of everlasting Hell are supported by the social consequences that religious organizations and other believers provide to those who do, or do not, conform to God’s moral Laws. The social environment plays a critical role in the degree to which members of any population conform to the prescriptions of a religion, and its moral code.

For those who believe in their God, their learned feelings of love, happiness and security; or fear, anxiety, and guilt are related to their history of learning while growing-up among teaching families and others. These feelings, beliefs and ways of thinking are similar to the those concepts of God and His Words. These strong emotional byproducts of learning  can then exert strong control of a persons actions.

When the Word of God and associated emotions have been directly taught in families and the related religious beliefs and moral codes are augmented by the church leaders, a large church family, the community and the media, they are likely to remain strong. When these influences diminish, or they actually turn against these teachings, faith in God and its resulting morality will also diminish.

Beware, the barbarians are coming…..and they are increasingly us.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     12/20/11

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