Gingrich Unethical? You Decide!

Gingrich Unethical? You Decide!

I like Gingrich because he is very bright, a historian, very tough and very experienced at transforming  political goals into reality.

If I find that he is an unethical person, I will absolutely reject him as a candidate.  I hope you would do the same.

For me the question of his ethics is the pivotal issue. It  is the same for me with  Herman Cain.  If I find these two individuals to be basically ethical people, I would like to see Gingrich as President and Cain as Vice President, in training for the Presidency.

I am watching closely and I hope you are also:

VTM,  12/9/11

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One Response to “Gingrich Unethical? You Decide!”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    Do the ends justify the means????? To many land mines- arrows began to pierce the heart.
    As Rod Sterling would say “You are about to enter the “TWILIGHT ZONE”


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