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Steve Wynn Shreds President Obama

December 9, 2011

Steve Wynn Shreds President Obama

I view the gambling industry as one piece of a mosaic of symptoms and causes of America’s decline.

Yes, the gambling  industry is a money-maker. They love to call their activity “Gaming”,  because it sounds less pernicious. You can change the name, but the game stays the same. B.S. walks but behavior ,with its immediate and long-term consequences, talks.

The facts are that the gambling industry powerfully recruits hundreds of thousands of America’s citizens to compulsive (some call it addictive) gambling. Compulsive gambling destroys individuals, families, and businesses and it damages communities. Rather than manufacturing and marketing solid goods with broad utility, America is “manufacturing and marketing” activities formerly classified as vices (gambling, pornography, “medical” marijuana, and prostitution–coming soon, I’ll bet). It attracts graft and other forms of crime and communities bear the resulting soaring costs. Regional crime rates, divorce rates and suicide rates increase when casinos move into an area. Communities incure large debts for infrastructural improvements necessary to attract casinos. Then, when other gambling venues proliferate in surrounding regions, their gambling-based revenues diminish, leaving them in financial trouble. Gambling centers offer food, clothing, other forms of entertainment that drive local small business out of business, or force them to install gambling machines to retain their dwindling clientele. Child-care centers and family friendly services  offered at large gambling establishments groom our children for futures  of compulsive gambling.  

The learning principles involved in the production of compulsive gambling are well known to the science of psychology.

For a more complete analysis of the damages of the gambling industry in America, see my chapter 3, in Gambling: Behavior Theory, Research, and Application, by P.M. Ghezzi, et al.. The book was Published by Context Press in 2006.

The gambling industry replaces valuable businesses and does significant psychological harm wherever it goes. It does long-term damage to America’s sociocultural viability.

Watch Steve Wynn (a gambling king pin in Las Vegas) accurately shred President Obama and his administration.

 I guess it takes a shyster to recognize and most clearly describe another shyster.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D.      12/9/11

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