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America’s Financial Armageddon

December 7, 2011

America’s Financial Armageddon

I cannot vouch for all of the financial data provided in this shocking video, but they do  appear to be in the “ball park” resemble what I can glean through the news media and various political discussions made public from Capital Hill.  Also, historical economic trends that I have intermittently monitored from more scholarly resources have  not been in conflict with our current predicament and the general appropriate alarm raised by the following video.

That America is now in a potentially cataclysmic  financial position is beyond debate. That our financial problems have been made worse by a lack of ethical conduct on the part of our political and business leaders and by progressive socialist politics should be clear to anyone not blindly worshiping that life-style and political ideology.

The window of opportunity to exert control over America’s fate will close very soon. We cannot  fail in our moral responsibility to save America and our children’s future through the power of our vote.

Please watch the following video and decide to take personal action through the power of your vote and day-to-day behavior to begin the process of change back to the  traditional American Values that made this nation great.

Please send this video to everyone you know.

Wake-Up America!
Thanks to Tom and Debbie Zellers for bringing this video and web site to my attention.

VTM, 12/7/11

P.S. Remember Pearl Harbor!

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