Who Really Is Cain’s Most Recent Accuser?

Who Really Is Cain’s Most Recent Accuser?

I feel sorry for Herman Cain. I hope I am not wrong, but it is very possible that he has been targeted and knocked out of the presidential race because he was viewed as the biggest threat to President Obama: Once even a greater threat than Romney and Gingrich.

Now Cain’s candidacy has almost certainly been destroyed.

The background checks of former accusers have been highly suspect .

The most recent accuser has a history of bad behavior sufficient to cause the strongest doubts in the absence of evidence beyond her own verbal responses.

Could this to be s political assassination by the Obama/Alinsky-ites ?

You be the judge!

In the absence of material evidence, I will consider  it a liberal/progressive hit Job.

Check it out for yourselves. It’s a short read that you must evaluate on your own.


VTM,  11/29/11


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3 Responses to “Who Really Is Cain’s Most Recent Accuser?”

  1. mjmartin Says:

    I am sorry for Hermain too. If you look at the trail of victims left in Obama’s wake, there are many.

    I wonder if the GOP nomiatee will have the smart /guts to pick Cain as VP, or will fold under GOP pressure to court HIspanic and enlist Marco Rubio. With our current financial woes, I don’t think he could do better than Cain; also Cain is not an incider and would have your back. Moreover, it would be a leg up for Cain to learn and become the expert in foriegn affiars, which might have been a hurdle in the coming election. By 2016 or 2020, he will be known, widely loved and ready for the presidential race. I’m just sayin’ it would be a good way to go.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      I will be overjoyed to agree with you…providing proof is not forth-coming of any wrong-doing on Herman Cain’s part. I hope and pray it is not so. VTM


  2. Gonzo Says:

    Yeah, it is hard to trust the word of someone who has lost previous lawsuits against her, has one pending, is in bankruptcy, can’t pay the rent, and needs money very badly. Sounds like a perfect candidate for an extortion attempt or being paid off to slander Cain.


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