Gingrich: America’s Only Hope?!

Gingrich: America’s Only Hope?!

Much is going to be made about Newt Gingrich’s past divorce record and how he treated his wife who was in the hospital for surgery, etc. You can count on the liberal/progressive socialist, atheist, media and political operatives to smear his reputation in every way possible. This is because Gingrich is the greatest threat to their  their scurrilous political strategies of bald-faced lies, deception, and governmental grants, give-aways and other favors, to buy votes. I’ll bet he is the biggest threat to them, their  hopes and world-view, that they have seen since Ronald Regan.

The liberal progressives are terrified of loosing power because all they have to offer America is the most spectacularly failing blatantly socialist President in recent history. And. this is all they have at the very moment in history that America is obviously poised to fail if it does not return to its conservative political, social and economic roots.

Newt Gingrich is a brilliant intellectual, Professor of History and prolific author. Having spent my adult life among Ph.D. level professors, and sampled colleagues nationally,  I will judge that he must be somewhere above the 90th percentile of practical brilliance within that population.

As a debater, among all of the Republican Candidates and potential ones (that I know of) he is the most experienced informed, fierce, and skilled one that I have seen. Finally, Newt’s national and international political experience and knowledge is far beyond that most of his fellow candidates.

I admit, it is very easy to like Mitt Romney, who I now rank in second place. But, I fear that a more moderate personality and political tendencies, during truly emergency conditions, will not save America.

Please read the following short remarks by Newt’s daughter to prepare your selves to  assess and judge the character assassination attacks that the extreme left will soon launch against him.

I believe that President Obama’s handlers are horrified at the prospects of Newt Gingrich having him all alone in a series of long debates leading to the Presidential Election of 2012.

If you doubt me, please see the following video which is indicative of Newt’s consistently stunning debate performances. He will “knock Your Socks Off”!

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for bringing this video to my attention.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     11/26/11

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One Response to “Gingrich: America’s Only Hope?!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    I like Newt. I like Cain and Paul too, but for different reasons.

    I had hung my hat on Obama last election because I thought he would be a different kind of politician, after all, that was his platform. Too bad it turned out to all be total bunk. He promised to be transparent, yet all of his major actions have been underhanded and under the table. He has coddled to the unions, States, and big businesses that scratched his back.

    Republicans are no better in terms of their destructive behavior – coddling to the big businesses that line their pockets. Just as, as you point out, the socialist mentality is costly to America, so too is the unethical way that oversight committee members use their positions as career paths to the very big business that they are suppose to oversee; so too are Republicans who allow big businesses to get away with harmful atrocities, even helping them to do so.

    If I was looking for the same type of shill for president, it would be Newt, but I’m hoping for something better. He has proven himself to be a party player in terms of coddling to big business. However, he does at least appear to have excellent political skills, although intelligence does not necessitate integrity.

    IMO, if we want out of our current mess, we need leadership that will help small business in America, not coddle to big business and unions, (which is also big business). The last two presidents have simply been the worst on record, hands down – one was a Repub, one is a Democrat – time for some real change.


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