Will America Fall For This Stealth Jihad Scam?!

Will America Fall For This Stealth Jihad Scam?!



We had better not. We are under attack by “lone wolves” and by organized Radical Islamists.


Yes, I know, we have to protect our freedoms.

What do you think a small” viral or nuclear device would do  New York City: the center of this nation’s communication network and the center of our financial network.

Radical Islamists are trying to kill you and your loved ones and that will probably not change for a very long time. surveillance and intelligence at home and abroad is our only defense.

My father taught me that if I am “not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to fear”. To that, he added, “if you want to stay out of trouble…don’t even look like you’re doing anything wrong”.

Peace loving people of any background or religion will  have nothing to fear in America.

Those who seek to destroy us need to have a lot to fear.


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