As A Socioculture: We’re Nuts.

As A Socioculture: We’re Nuts.

Yes, this is a professional opinion.

We are now letting a little boy who, at seven years of age, likes to play with girl things and dress like a girl, into Girl Scouts of America. His mother hotly defends his right to be a girl and become a girl scout. I suspect the mother  is a transgender activist and she  has taught her very young son well. That aside, true or not, Girl Scouts of America accepting boys into their “tent” is a mockery of rational cultural design.

The fact is, if any society encourages, showcases and reinforces a certain behavior pattern–any behavior pattern–it will spread and become more prevalent within that population.

The progressive activist organizations (Gay/Lesbian/Transgender, Atheists/Secular Humanists, Socialists/Communists, Activist Lawers/Judges/ACLU, Progressive Teachers/ Professors/Politicians, and the Anti-Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy (oops! can’t use that word anymore) forces, are winning.

America the Great, once rationally based upon Judeo-Christian values and old-fashioned common sense, is in decline and fading into history.

Wake-Up America!

See below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.             10/29/11

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