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Another Walk In The woods!

September 29, 2011

Another Walk In The woods!

Pushing 70 yrs. and being in semi-retirement means I had better play while I still can.

I’ll be in the Woods of the Michigan U.P. for around 10 days.  As usual, I’ll be hoping to see a bear. Don’t want to hurt it, just would like to say hello. So far, I have found paw prints and poop on our property, but no bear.  Maybe, I’ll slather a tree with some honey or caramel and see if our motion sensitive camera can get some pictures of these marvelous animals at night when they prowl around the woods.

As always, I’ll also try to inhale my share of campfire smoke,  though I have been told by “hoytee toytees” that it is bad for me. Maybe I chew some wintergreen snuff in memory of Mr. Teachout who took me fishing when I was a kid.  I’ll have to have a few shots of Jack D. in honor of my old submarine buddy Huck. Recon I’ll spend some time shooting at a tin can. I’ll practice my guitar and read a lot. Can’t wait to visit our new out-house that we built. Brother Mark put a Lake Superior stone pebble floor in it and we painted it with several coats polyurethane and its real pretty. Our handy Brother-In-Law, Tommy Z., ran electricity to it. Our old 100 year + out-house fell down. Our new one just might be the nicest out-house in the county!

Can’t think of a better place to go—-at just the right time.

All this with my wonderful wife, brother and sister, their marvelous spouses and a whole pack of everyone’s dogs!

Every couple of days I’ll drive  in to the Indian Reservation’s College Library and blog a little something…just for fun.

I hope you will stop by my blog every few days cuz I will have something interesting there for you to think about. Or, maybe I’ll try to tickle your funny bone.

God Bless.

VTM, 9/29/11

Iran: “Kill the Christain Apostate

September 29, 2011

Iran: “Kill The Christian Apostate”

Wake-UP America! You are the Apostates that they pray to their God for the strength and technology to kill.

VTM, 9/28/11

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