Presidential Campaign: Who Is Best For You?

Presidential Campaign: Who Is Best For You?

America’s trajectory is down and out. The  elections in your immediate future can solidify our course or turn it around. We had better make the right decisions or we could live to see the so-called “point of no return”.

Don’t just fall for the slickest, the prettiest, the best teleprompter reader, or the one who promises a “chicken in every pot”.

Answer the questions in this questionnaire and find out which presidential Candidate best fits your views. It is fun, interesting and very informative.

And, you might be surprised by the results!

VTM, 9/18/11


2 Responses to “Presidential Campaign: Who Is Best For You?”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Thanks for the link. An interesting result.
    Apparently, Ron Paul is my ideal candidate.

    I’ve heard a lot of negative things about him, (but then, the status-quo does tend to bastardize those who might rock the boat).
    So, I decided to look in to him further.
    Apparently the claim that he is pro drugs, is a lie. He is against the war on drugs and the feds being involved, and places the issue of drug laws firmly on States (which Constitutionally is how it is suppose to work). It would seem that, overall, Ron Paul is about smaller gvt and upholding the Constitution. About feds doing what they are suppose to do, and the States doing what THEY are suppose to do. What a concept huh?

    I was also surprised to see Newt toward the top, as I’ve heard so many bad things about him too. I guess the lesson here is to ignore the diatribe, slants, and libelous misinformation that is prevalent from the controlled mainstream media, and research candidates and decide for myself.

    Since people keep complaining about how politicians are all the same and do all the same things, perhaps it is time to rock the boat and elect a new type of politician.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Yes, but the problem is that if the candidate who “says he’ll rock the boat” can’t get elected the ball goes back to Obama. The one who will destroy America if left in office for another four years (in my opinion). So it is back to who is the best candidate, who can get elected…Maybe the lesser of two evils, but I pray not.



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