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9/11 on 9/11/11

September 11, 2011

9/11 on 9/11/11

It is easy to feel very small and insignificant on a day like this. Countless numbers of people in America and around the world are dying from various causes as I write this blog, and of course countless more are being born at this moment.  As I say this, I find it difficult to feel very much angst. It’s just a fact.

It won’t be all that long  and I (and all of my loved ones and friends) will join this seemingly endless  parade of death and life.

Yet, I always hurt when I learn that children are maimed or killed for any reason.

I also am greatly upset when our youngest and brightest are struck down as they voluntarily make great personal sacrifices to fight the forces of evil so the rest of us can enjoy our children and grandchildren, laugh, play, work, and strive to live the good life in relative comfort and wealth.

I can think of only one thing sadder than the death of children and our fighting men and women.

The sudden and purposeful slaughter of innocent people: just going about their day, doing their honest work, harming no one, looking forward to being with their loved ones ( the weddings, the birthdays, the vacations, the dinners-out, the dates, just going home, etc.), never thinking that their last moment on earth was about to occur. What a horror it is that such harmless and good people would be violently killed in a blink of an eye. The thought sickens me. I wonder why the universe does not rage at such a tragedy, but the earth and seas and the cosmos feels nothing. If God feels something, He has not yet told me… and I would like to know.

The facts are these:

  • We are in World War III with a radical and militant form of Islam.
  • The enemy’s goal is to kill,  subjugate, or convert all non-believers on earth to their religion.
  • They will not cease their murderous and oppressive ways until the world is ruled by the God of Islam.
  • This is nothing more than a continuation of the ancient Crusades against the inhabitants of the non-Islamic world.
  • Most people think this war is only 10 years old. They are wrong. The war that American citizens are now aware of  has lasted for centuries and it will continue until the militants of radical Islam are destroyed, or until they prevail.
  • We must find and destroy the militants of Islam  before they drain our dwindling resources, out-last us, invade us, and take us over from within.

The physical monuments and the inspirational words offered to the memory of our tragic 9/11 victims are good and appropriate. But there can be no better tribute to our fallen Americans of all races and religions than to hunt down and destroy the sources of their evil assassins.

We must find them and kill them and simultaneously balance America’s depleted budget through cuts to places other than our last hope for survival: America’s military.

Fail to do this or America will die a slow, confused,  and painful death.

Time is of the essence. Boastings about America’s might and resolve aside, we are already growing more weak and frail.

Wake-Up America

VTM, 9/11/11

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