Religious Leaders Barred from 9/11 Ceremony in N.Y.

Religious Leaders Barred from 9/11 Ceremony in N.Y

Modern liberalism is morally and ethically bankrupt. These are fatal flaws for any socioculture wishing to survive for very long.

That religious leaders of America are barred from participating in healing our wounds from one of the greatest tragedies in our history is and a profound insult to everything America has ever stood for. If our religious leaders are right about the existence of a God, and the existence of God’s laws for human conduct, there will be hell to pay.

By the way, I believe our religious leaders are right, and we are now living in the hellish times we have largely earned–with more to come.

Wake-Up America!

Please see this short article from The Blaze

VTM, 8/26/11

P.S. Happy Birthday to my beloved wife, Sally Louise. God Bless her and her wonderful ways.

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5 Responses to “Religious Leaders Barred from 9/11 Ceremony in N.Y.”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    @Brice Petgen,

    No, the true victims were the people, and the families of the people, who lost their lives as a direct result of the attacks and the aftermaths. Muslims are not more victimized simply because the jihadists, (lets stop calling it terrorism and call it what it is), killed innocent people in the name of their religion, as was set by the examples of Prophet Muhammad. Have you even read Islamic history? Do you even know the full extent of militant jihad starting with Prophet Muhamad and continuing for 1,400 years after, in nearly every corner of the world?

    I also take offense, as a patriot, for your political correctness inspired diatribe that lumps all individuals opposed to the building of mosques, especially the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, as being a Christian delusion. I am neither Christian, nor am I delusional. The building of a victory mosque at areas of jihadi conquest is a long held practice that is a millennium old.

    Your ignorance regarding Islam also shows when you lump it together with other religions, as if they are the same – they are not. Islam is primarily a totalitarian theocratic political system. It is not delusional Christians who take notice of this fact and wish to prevent the types of stealth jihad that is currently gripping Europe, it is patriots, like myself, who believe that the Constitution of the US is the ultimate authority and should not be circumvented.

    One last thing – Islamic religious leaders are not being prevented from attending the 9/11 ceremony. In fact, Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary opening memorial ceremony was not opened to Christian evangelicals, and somehow the inclusion of a Buddhist nun and an islamic imam went unnoticed by most of what purports to be mainstream liberal biased media.


  2. Brice Petgen Says:

    As a Counselor in training I understand the important part that one’s faith plays at times of turmoil. Millions of Americans turned to their faith to cope with the atrocious attacks of September 11th. In principal I disagree with barring of faith leaders from the ceremonies on the 10th anniversary. But I also understand that a good many Christians would do all they were able to prevent Islamic religious leaders from the ceremonies. The truth is that Muslim Americans were victims in these attacks just as American from all other faith traditions. Since Islamic faith leaders would be barred, no other faith tradition should be allowed. The government cannot pick and chose which faiths are acceptable in the U.S. and which are not. But I think this debate touches on an important issue that has not been expressed, religious intolerance. I see a growing number of Christians who are doing their level best to expel other viewpoints from America. There have been reports of Christians opposing the construction of Mosques around the “Bible Belt.” This is un-American. If Islam is not afforded the same respect as other faith traditions then to Hell with all faith traditions in the public square.

    In full disclosure I have not determined an answer as to whether God exists or does not. But I am fine with not having an answer. I also have serious issues with ALL organized religions.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Hi Brice,

      Hope things are very well for you and your studies. Your remarks about organized religion has caused me to consider a blog on just that topic. This will come soon. I have a different perspective that I hope you will consider. Tom


  3. Gonzo Says:

    BTW, Bloomberg’s concern about the victory mosque at ground zero and the ceremony is all related to self interest. He has a very lucrative financial interest in the mideast. His interest is not to help bring about harmony among various religions, it is to not offend the islamists to whom he hopes to do business.

    According to the regional head of Bloomberg LLC’s Middle East and South Asia centers, Max Linnington, “The region for us has seen explosive growth. For example, last year in the UAE, we grew our core business by 61 per cent. And already this year, we exceeded what we achieved in all of last year in the UAE. So we are selling a lot of Bloomberg terminals, basically.”

    Linnington went on to add, “Particularly since the meltdown of the western capitalist system, there has been an increasingly large focus on the virtues of Islamic finance. Today, there is no one single provider of information that caters to the Islamic finance market. So by Bloomberg being here, we are in the process of building out an Islamic finance product. We are very confident that we can build a product that meets the needs of the market right now.”

    Oh, and btw, he continues to torpedo attempts to rebuild a Christian church that was hit by falling 9/11 debris. Again, placating muslims and islamofascism.


  4. Gonzo Says:

    Perhaps Bloomberg feels as though the “religions” will have their day, starting the day before on 9/10, when muslims will use this opportunity for a fundraiser for ground zero mosque. Is there any doubt that the intent behind this “victory” mosque is to continue the centuries old tradition of placing a mosque at the location of great jihadi massacres?

    BTW, did you catch that the “coincidental” islamic symbolism with the flight 93 9/11 Memorial in PA, where a tribute in the building just happens to have the islamic symbol, and it just happens to point directly to Mecca? I’m sure that is pure coincidence.


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