“The Government: Dey Don’t Take Care of Us Poor People!”

“The Government, Dey Don’t Take Care of Us Poor People!”

I heard this comment on the news,  spoken by a young rioting punk in Great Britain. His face was covered and he spoke street lingo with a “sophisticated” English accent.

Great Britain has subsided the poor, ignorant, and unemployed for generations. The result? Great Britain is overwhelmed with young barbarians who now attack and attempt to destroy it.

Such are the outcomes of modern socialistic liberalism when the free rewards to its dependents are cut off. If America continues to feed those who do nothing more that eat, drink, sleep and screw their lives away, these people will someday rise-up to destroy the hands that fed and maintained their propagation.

If you positively reinforce good behavior, that’s what you will get. If you positively reinforce bad behavior you will get bad behavior.

This is the reality that America must deal with, or perish.

I once watched a mother and her children feed a swan as they stood on the bank of a  small lake. They were so happy and the beautiful swan entertained them with its blissful feeding. When they ran out of food, the swan climbed onto the bank and attacked them. My last image of this previously idyllic scene was the angry swan chasing the mother and her two children who were screaming in terror and  “running for their lives”.

It is no different with humans.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  8/12/11

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6 Responses to ““The Government: Dey Don’t Take Care of Us Poor People!””

  1. Sam Gordon Says:

    I suppose the person who has written this blog and it readership live in America does he really think governments gives massive welfare handouts to the poor what does he want the free market and we can bring back the workhouse and shove all the poor people into it and it could be run by a private company who could make millions out of the poor it is a myth that poor people get massive welfare benefits it is the rich and powerful that get massive welfare handouts not the poor I wish people would educate themsleves and not fall into this nastey right wing bile against the poor there are to many stupid people who think everything they read in newspapers and on tv is the truth it is not espically to do with poor people it is a myth because most people in the media are middleclass and wealthy with rightwing views of the world and these people dont like the poor or the welfare state they like the free market as they will never be poor they look after themsleves and nobody else they are nastey human who are selfish and only think of themsleves


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      I have posted your comments in their entirety. I am sorry that our perspectives are worlds appart. But, it is what it is. God’s Blessings to you.

      My readers can read your words and give them some thought.



  2. Gonzo Says:

    I’ve been watching some of Britain’s parliament proceedings, and am bemused by what I’ve witnessed. How very parallel they and the US are, political party and mindset wise.

    David Cameron with the Conservative party took aim at the rioters by referencing the slow moral decay of their culture; children without fathers; schools without discipline; reward without effort; crime without punishment; rights without responsibilities; communities without control; but mostly, the individuals involved having made the individual choice to participate in crime voluntarily, are individually to blame. Further, that it is up to society to re-introduce greater moral expectation.

    Then, as if being led by the American socialist democrats, a rep from the Labor Union Party stands to declare that it is all society’s fault. How utterly shameful of a statement. To suggest that the individuals involved are blameless as hapless victims themselves and that all guilt lies with “society” for not doing enough for them, is utter stupidity. It is this idealistic phantom buggy man blaming instead of holding criminals accountable, that leads to further misdirected justification with the criminals themselves over their own actions, which is what is affecting the moral decline worldwide.


  3. Gonzo Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Supposedly the riots were sparked by the attack by police on an individual, but the fuel is by far the fact that the socialist system of Britain is collapsing under the weight of the “entitled”.

    The riots are not because the poor people were denied food, medical care, clothing, or housing. The “entitled” who were suckling from the breast of the working man in Britain did not suddenly find themselves homeless and desolate.

    NO, they simply took away their MTV. Then, the whinny little group of “entitled”, so poor and living such miserable lives, put on their designer hoodies, tweeted from the computers at home and through their cell phones, to put down their Gameboys and converge on a part of town to demonstrate their upsettedness.

    I wonder how these “entitled” would fair in parts of Africa, where instead of food, shelter, and clothing, people survive on only insects to eat, and they are the lucky ones.

    Most despicable of all, are the socialist bozo’s that actually defend the violent actions of these “entitled” because of the “harsh” conditions that cause them to react that way. Riiiight, they are living such terrible standards of living. Have these boneheads not seen the pictures and video’s of the individuals involved? Do they look homeless and desolate to you? Were those actually $200 sneakers?


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