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“The Government: Dey Don’t Take Care of Us Poor People!”

August 12, 2011

“The Government, Dey Don’t Take Care of Us Poor People!”

I heard this comment on the news,  spoken by a young rioting punk in Great Britain. His face was covered and he spoke street lingo with a “sophisticated” English accent.

Great Britain has subsided the poor, ignorant, and unemployed for generations. The result? Great Britain is overwhelmed with young barbarians who now attack and attempt to destroy it.

Such are the outcomes of modern socialistic liberalism when the free rewards to its dependents are cut off. If America continues to feed those who do nothing more that eat, drink, sleep and screw their lives away, these people will someday rise-up to destroy the hands that fed and maintained their propagation.

If you positively reinforce good behavior, that’s what you will get. If you positively reinforce bad behavior you will get bad behavior.

This is the reality that America must deal with, or perish.

I once watched a mother and her children feed a swan as they stood on the bank of a  small lake. They were so happy and the beautiful swan entertained them with its blissful feeding. When they ran out of food, the swan climbed onto the bank and attacked them. My last image of this previously idyllic scene was the angry swan chasing the mother and her two children who were screaming in terror and  “running for their lives”.

It is no different with humans.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  8/12/11

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