The Law of Effect and Cultural Survival

The Law of Effect and Cultural Survival

One of Psychology’s premier laws of behavior is the Law of Effect. The law of effect states that operant behavior is controlled by its consequences. This simply means that the vast majority of the bodily, intellectual, and verbal actions that we take in our physical and social environments are controlled by consequences of those actions.

If behaviors are rewarded they will occur more frequently. If behaviors are not rewarded, or if they are punished, they will occur less frequently.

If a society does not consistently design its laws and rules for behavior to reward adaptive economic and social actions in its citizens; and also design its laws and rules to withhold rewards from, or punish, maladaptive economic and antisocial actions in its citizens….it is in the process of self-destruction through behavioral chaos.

Cultural Survival  through the management of consequences can be accomplished within our democratic process; providing we have an educated, loyal and moral citizenry. Without these things, the heavy hand of tyranny will fall upon us all.

Can you see this prediction unfolding as I write?

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      6/15/11

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