Trash In–Trash Out!

Trash In—Trash Out!

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have heard this pithy remark about computers and our interactions with them. Today I appreciate the meaning of that exclaimation more than ever!

In my last post before the vacation that I am on now, I gave the web address to another’s blog that I had copied and posted for you to read and consider. The correct reference should have been, .  Please visit there often.

Yesterday I was greatly distressed to learn that I had made a mistake on one small word of the address and this error would send the reader to a wrong and nefarious location that neither Gonzo or I would endorse.

If you went to this wrong location, I sincerely apologize to you.

I trust you will survive, and welcome to another damaging part of our modern world.

VTM, 5/16/2011

P.S. Sorry Gonzo….Ugh!

2 Responses to “Trash In–Trash Out!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    lol, bad planning on my part is no doubt a contributing factor. I should have chosen more wisely. 🙂


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