Not-So-Stealth Jihad!

Not-So-Stealth Jihad!

You had better wake-up. You simply must see this video. Seeing should be believing.

Wake-Up America!

VTM,  4/23/2011

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One Response to “Not-So-Stealth Jihad!”

  1. Howard Hawkins Says:

    This video is spellbinding;it has the potential to excite to violent actions those opposed to individuals that are members,believers,supporters of the Islamic Jihadist State.
    The United States has declared war on terrorism which we as a country should now realize is war against the Islamic Jihadist State(a State that engulfs the entire world).
    We and our allies are (deja vu Nazis Germany) not responding to this threat
    as a full scale war, but more like it is a conflagrant of a minority in several areas around the globe.
    I am convinced after viewing this video that the Muslim organizations on the college campuses of our country condeming Israel as war mongers are in violation of the U.S.Constitution amendment 1.Their language and motives are flagrant epithets to incite violent action by others opposed to their rantings.
    Government intervention should take place forthwith disbanding the aforesaid organization(s)citing the following reason-these organizational gatherings are a detriment to the tranquility and peace of our nation as a whole and serve no useful purpose in the conveyance of their message.
    The slogan “Wake Up America”is certainly appropriate if we fail to heed the warning signs now before us there may come a day when Americans awake in the morning fighting for their lives and love ones in the streets of their communities.
    Lets not repeat history another “Pearl Harbor”-Wake Up America!


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