Are You An Islamophobic?!!

Are You An Islamophobic?!!

A friend of mine is exasperated that his concerns about Radical Islam, and his support of the recent Congressional hearings on that topic, have been viewed by some of his friends as an example  of “Islamophobia”.

A Phobia is: “A persistent and unreasonable fear of a particular object, activity, or situation” (Abnormal Psychology, by Ronald Comer).

My friend is a very logical and spiritual individual who can be partially defined by his great respect for all of the religions of the world and the many different ways that people choose to live their lives. His only concern is with those who would seek to conquer all religions and all people using coercion, terror,  and deceptive/dishonest strategies in order to bring everyone under the control of Radical Islam’s Sharia Law.

Neither he, or I, are concerned about forms of peaceful Islam that will integrate and seek compatibility with the laws and philosophy of individual freedom that form the foundation of Liberal Democratic sociocultures.

We are not “unreasonably fearful” of anything that will not hurt us. We are reasonably fearful of that which is dedicated to destroying our socioculture and our way of life.

It is our detractors who are phobic (unreasonably fearful) of something which cannot hurt them. Such individuals suffer from a severe psychological disorder named Logicophobia.

Logicophobia can be defined as an unrealistic and intensive fear of the logical analysis of objectively definable and empirically observable socio/political events occurring in reality.

The etiology of Logicophobia is not fully understood, but it appears that individuals with this disorder frequently have an overriding fear of social censure by those they admire and who have modeled such ways of thinking and behaving for them to imitate.  It appears that logicophobics suffer from a co-morbid discriminated social phobia. These multiply phobic individuals generally show significant histories of intensive positive reinforcement by models (parents, teachers and peers) who have been similarly influenced in their lives. Most notably, those afflicted logicophobia have been severely punished by social censure (or the threat of social censure) by their models and peers, if they dare to engage in non-logicophobic behavior.

Interestingly, the number of years of liberal education (particularly at college and post-graduate levels) is highly correlated with both the occurrence and the severity of logicophobia.

Logicophobia is extremely difficult to treat and the prognosis is poor.  Much like the rigid and irrational actions of cult members, individuals with this disorder must be separated from their powerfully controlling leaders and peer groups for therapeutic interventions to be successful. Such interventions are contrary to the principles of individual liberty that form the fabric of our socioculture. Therefore, logicophobia is virtually untreatable.

Frequently, antisocial personality disorder is misdiagnosed as logicophobia. The differential diagnosis of these two psychological disorders is difficult because both diagnoses are exceedingly resistant to treatment and both share many  of the same symptoms

On the positive side, sometimes intellectual and emotional immaturity is misdiagnosed as logicophobia. In these cases the maladaptive symptomology remits with age.

Ok, I’ll be honest…….

You will not find the term logicophobia in any diagnostic manual. It’s just my way of conceptualizing this amazing form of dumb and self-defeating human behavior.

I hope you will read the following article to see if you are an Islamophobic, a “logicophobic”, or just another poor soul (like me), just trying to figure out what is wrong with so many of my fellow citizens.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.   3/17/11

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