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Progressive Politics and Sex In The Ranks

March 3, 2011

Progressive Politics and Sex In The Ranks

The military is no place for social experiments, especially in times of war.  It is not nice to say, but the military’s role is to instill fear of its unmatched ability to kill our enemies and destroy their things. Anything that detracts from this central and primary mission is foolishness. Such foolishness is often driven by civil political pandering.

The great push to include openly gay personnel in our military is more progressive foolishness which is coupled with the progressive foolishness of more fully integrating women with men in fields of combat, on our ships,  in our submarines, and in more intimate living and work relationships on our bases.

The outcome of these stupendous political-correctness pratfalls is what it has always been between young men and young women: SEX! 

The more young men and young women in close proximity, under stressful conditions, some having greater power over others: THE MORE SEX!

The sexual activity rates among gay men are documented to be much very much higher than among heterosexuals– so: MUCH MUCH MORE SEX!

A recent veteran of the U.S. Navy recently told me of his times at sea. He said that sex between male and female sailors on board was commonplace. He bragged that he had his woman, while at sea. He said that the sailors on board could not compete with the marines, who the woman sailors much prefered. He reported that some female sailors who wanted out of the navy, or even out of a particular deployment, purposefully became pregnant to achieve their goal.

In a March 2, USA TODAY article on page 8A, the problem of only one form of unwanted sex in the military is discussed: “Pentagon Falls Short in Tackling Sexual Assault in The Ranks”.

 A more accurate title would have been “Progressive Politics Cause More  Sexual Assault in The Ranks”.

The article reported that ” In 2009 alone, more than 3,200 servicemembers reported sexual assaults. That was up 20% since 2007, though it is unclear whether the increase reflects more incidents or better reporting.”

Well, folks, “better reporting” could play a factor. But, only enraptured liberals would inflate that factor to deny this politically- based debacle. The article went on to discuss ways to address this problem. But any way, short of greater separation of the sexes in the military, will fail.

Failing to provide for the greater separation of the sexes (and exclusion of active homosexuals) in the military will lead to an increasing diversion of our dwindling human resources away from intimidating, killing and destroying our enemies into futile social re-engineering for sex problems in the military that progressive social engineering created in the first place.

Another fine example of a politically progressive sink-hole of self-defeating behavior.

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    3/3/11

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