What form of Government?

What form of Government?

That is an intimidating question for me because I do not consider myself to be an expert in political science and government. To be sure, I have my opinions, but so does everyone else. Why should anyone pay any attention to my views on such matters?

Frankly, I do not think that identifying the most desirable form of government for a socio-culture is all that difficult. The selection can be made in various ways that do not require special expertise in, or about government.

Which form of Government has led the modern world in military matters, science and technology, medicine, education, and art and entertainment during the past 200 years?

Who venerated and protected the rights of individuals more?

Who invented more?

Who educated more of its population?

Who produced more?

Who has the world imitated the most?

Where does most of the world wish to immigrate to?

Who has been the leader in business and economics?

Who has done the most to keep peace in the world and settle world conflagrations?

Who has provided the most cash, material, and human assistance to other nations or regions struck by famine, pestilence, or natural disasters?

There will be some who will find fault with my favor of our American Constitutional Liberal Democracy. They may wish to cite great civilizations in antiquity and argue that their contributions to the evolution of societies have also been great. That is true, but they have long ago slipped from the top.

Some may wish to argue about relatively recent trends among social or economic indicators which suggest that America is in decline. This is a good argument.  But other great sociocultures went through different periods of strength and relative decline and maintained their greatness for ver long periods. Finally, yes,  America’s social indices suggest that our population’s behavior is weakening and becoming more and more troubled with each passing generation.

All of this is not an indictment of our governmental system, it is rather, a series of accurate observations that will lead us to the true source of our present decline. 

We have ignorantly rejected the faith-based moral code of conduct that once made us great.

If America can adopt a workable moral code of conduct acceptable to the vast majority of its population, teach it to its children and encourage its conformity in its adult population, it will again continue its ascendency.

Fail to do this and we will continue to suffer behavioral chaos and decline.

Don’t believe me about continued decline? Check out the new cable series by MTV entitled Skins. MTV is just one media venture that we allow to make hundreds of millions of dollars by turning our children and teens into barbarians.


Wake-up America! You threw away your Moral Code!

You damn-well better find another one and stick to it.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 1/21/11

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5 Responses to “What form of Government?”

  1. Betsey Says:

    That’s a genuinely imersspive answer.


  2. Gonzo Says:

    I’m all for the separation of church and state. But lets face it, most laws mirror the moral conscience of a society, which are, in large part, the defacto premises derived from its prevailing religion.
    For example, in islam, there is no such thing as marital rape, and as such, in countries that are islamic theocracies, there are no laws about marital rape. In America, there are marital rape laws, as the moral cloak of America lends toward equality for all.

    Atheists and many liberals will suggest that one need not believe in religion or a god to know the difference between right and wrong, but I suspect that that is only partially true. Atheists in America have, by virtue of the laws enforce around them, a moral gauge predefined. If the knowledge of right vs wrong were so innate, why would there be such difference, (sometimes radical difference), in culturally accepted practices – ie… honor killings? I also point to the moral decay that has been so increasingly prevalent with our youth ever since the liberal agenda has practically destroyed our education system. How has attacking morality in schools aided America as a whole?

    So, while I believe that the government should remain religiously neutral, to suggest that government should not be influenced by moral premises afforded from a religious context, is to grievously underestimate the importance to any community that its codes of conduct reflect the collective spiritual well being of each individual.
    (For point of reference – I don’t subscribe to a specific religion. I’m a deist, with the exception that I believe that the spirit world does interact with mankind.)

    Perhaps the liberals, rather than trying to eliminate moral deity from government, should simply replace the word ‘God’ with a neutral Politically Correct word, but one that will remind them of the role of spirituality in maintaining a righteous moral code. I rather like the native Indians term “the Great Mystery”. Not only does in reflect all religions concept of mankinds inability to know God fully, it has the additional benefit of describing with utmost clarity most Americans understanding of how anything actually gets done by our government. 🙂


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      I respect your spiritual views.

      I believe that liberals, more specifically, the secular humanist and atheist types, will not be able to generate a generally acceptable and powerful enough code of ethics to guide a great and enduring culture.

      Not to start an old argument, but the facts are that the First Amendment never meant to “build a wall” between church and state. It was constructed so government could not create an official religion, or sect of religion.

      I strongly favor prayer in school and reference to God. It can be generic in nature to accommodate almost everyone. It should not be compulsory. Communities can vote on this matter and decide what they wish to do in their schools. If people don’t like it, they can be excused, remain silent, or start their own schools.

      I am against trying to change the name of what people have called God for thousands of years to anything else, but that is their right to do so. I will vote against it.

      There is some developmental research to indicate that an important fragment of morality (reciprocity) my be innate. I do not know the truth of that matter. But I do know that a moral code must be taught and maintained by society, or it washes away very easily. To try to do that ONLY in families is folly. Too may families have very weak moral codes and they are not present to teach their children. Effectively teaching a moral code requires a confluence of influences, family, church, school, adult citizens, and the help of the media. Such an enterprise loses its power when the Eye In the Sky (God) is removed.

      Good luck to us. We are in a hell of a mess, spiritually, economically and behaviorally.



  3. rhetoricmonkey Says:

    I feel like our government is working to produce better and better consumers and means to exploit them. Which government has produced the most consumers?


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      America. But I do not think they are at the head of the class at exploiting their citizenry..but they are in the competition and getting better at it.


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