Alexandar Hamilton Was Partially Right About Our Undoing

 Alexandar Hamiton Was Partially Right About Our Undoing

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As riches increase and accumulate in few hands, as luxury prevails in society, virtue will be in a greater degree considered as only a graceful appendage of wealth, and the tendency of things will be to depart from the republican standard. This is the real disposition of human nature; it is what neither the honorable member nor myself can correct. It is a common misfortunate that awaits our State constitution, as well as all others.” –Alexander Hamilton, speech to the New York Ratifying Convention, 1788

Actually, as wealth accumulates in the hands of the few, relative wealth accumulates in the hands of a great many. The middle class, though they must work their butts off to get and maintain this status, commonly have air conditioning, two cars, flat-screen T.V.s and more other material possessions than does the upper class in a great many other countries of the world.

Furthermore, our poor very often has housing, food, financial welfare support and they have many of the things that the middle class has in our country in our country and others (electricity, stoves, refrigerators, clean water, radios, T.V.’s, stereos, and more. Our poor are often materially as well off as the middle class of many other countries.

There is more to spoiling virtue and the Republican standard than the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few. The accumulation of material conveniences in the hands of the many; the incredible conveniences of modern life in the West; the distribution of largess by the government; the erosion of religiously based moral values by advancing science and technology; the failure of schools and families to teach our history and founding morals and values; and the omnipresent media that teaches moral relativity and moral depravity to all who partake of it….. all of this and more feeds our decline.

In 1788 Alexander Hamilton could see part of our undoing, but he could never have imagined the rest of it.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  12/7/10

P.S. God Bless Our Veterans on this Pearl Harbor Day.

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3 Responses to “Alexandar Hamilton Was Partially Right About Our Undoing”

  1. เครื่องดูดฝุ่น Says:


    […]Alexandar Hamilton Was Partially Right About Our Undoing «[…]…


  2. Bruce Says:


    I think this article speaks volumes, especially to answer Muslim apologists who insist that the Bible and Torah are just as violent as the Quran. The last few lines of the article seem to pinpoint with precision the dilemma facing those of us who wish to believe that all religions are inspired by God and that the scriptures from each are also divinely inspired, (at least some text of each). Perhaps Prophet Mohammad is a true prophet. Perhaps Islam has brought many to God and inspired goodness where there would have otherwise been mass evil.

    However, then was then and now is now, and it is the now that needs to be the spiritual focus for mankind. We, (the world), have been given an extraordinary gift in the internet. From it we gain instant access to immeasurable amounts of information, including that of texts from other religions. I strongly feel that it is incumbent upon humanity to study and understand the spiritual essence of all religious texts in order to formulate the true spiritual nature of God’s plan for mankind. We must learn to recognize the common underlining spiritual truths that guide us throughout time, and learn to detract from text that have periodic significance and/or are too easily misconstrued thus that they insight harm to fellow men, women, and children.

    The various religions of the world should not be vehicles of departure from one another, but rather avenues toward a new global spiritual conscience. However, long before such a goal can become achieved, mankind must eliminate violent and subversive propagation of each respective religious ideology as independently and exclusively superior.

    *Not* to that end I offer this article. Rather, to expose the current day inconsistency of a subgroup of humans who’s actions defeat that purpose. A subgroup who through culture and religion propagate hate and violence because of a subgroup of humans who’s understanding of spirituality is limited to the literal interpretations of their narrowly focused set of religious texts.

    Click to access Z5228C.pdf


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