Shariah Law Will Destroy Us: Wake-Up America!

Shariah Law Will Destroy Us: Wake-Up America!

Too many of us in America are comfortable, complacent and therefore, stuperous. Too many of us in America are poor, unemployed and hungry for change…any change that might promise a brighter future. Too many of us in America are young and have not had to fight and risk death in the defense of our liberty and we take our privileged life-style for granted. Too many of us in America are simply ignorant. We do not even know what the word “Liberty” stands for. America has allowed our educational system to fail to adequately teach the superiority of our political and economic system over the competition (socialism and communism). This purposeful cultural ignorance has been inculcated into our youth in the name of a politically progressive ideal named multiculturalism.

You had better know that “Trojan Horses” comprised of various social, political, economic and religious ideas antithetical and hostile to our own have been welcomed into America and they are poised to destroy us.

You must watch the following video by W.G. “Jerry” Boykin (Lt. General, Retired) about Islamic Shariah Law and its danger to you and your loved ones,  and to America.

Click below to see this reasoned and articulate patriot’s warning to us all.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      12/5/10 n 


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2 Responses to “Shariah Law Will Destroy Us: Wake-Up America!”

  1. Bruce Says:

    This link is of the type of undercover investigation that is incumbent upon us all into the preachings happening in American mosques, and why I believe the greatest dangers are happening from within.

    CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), the American voice for the “moderate” Muslim, has been found to have links to terrorists – A federal judge recently ruled to this affect. CAIR is also linked to the radical Wahhabi form of Islam.

    CAIR ties to Wahhabi:

    A 2007 report noted that “Wahhabi” scholars feed the jihadist ideology, and that home grown terrorism begins predominantly in US Wahhabi mosques.
    Read more:

    Wahhabi mosques make up an overwhelming of the new mosques erected since 9/11, where Wahhabi clerics are overwhelmingly placed as the mosque religious leader. At this moment, American mosques are 80% Wahhabi sect.

    And who is Wahhabi? It is our biggest oil ally – Saudi Arabia.

    The most atrocious human rights issues occur in Saudi Arabia.
    The most strict form of Sharia law is practiced in Saudi Arabia.
    The most heinous types of child trafficking is practiced in Saudi Arabia.
    The most heinous forms of human trafficking is practiced in Saudi Arabia, where not only does the Saudi government sanction human trafficking, but is purposely blind to the subsequent abuses.

    You really think we need to do something about radical Islam? – it starts by breaking ties with Saudi Arabia, deporting Wahhabi clerics, and likely seeing a mass increase in the price of oil/fuel. Are you ready? I am.


  2. Bruce Says:

    Unfortunately, none of what the Lt. General states is in conflict with what I have come to understand with regard to Islam. At one time, there was a post indicating that the number of violent jihadists of Islam was but a dot on a pie chart and that what the world is really faced with is just a handful of crazies. I wish that were true, but apparently reality is again much more alarming. The web link below cites polls of Muslims throughout the world over years, with regard to whether they support the use of violent jihad, and the percentage is closer to one fifth on *world* average, and that is just with regard to the killing of innocents.

    There is a formula used by top executives with regard to creating change in the workplace and having the masses go along with it. Apparently, if 15% of a company goes along with a change, then the rest will follow. That 15% tends to be the change agents and those of leadership quality.

    If one considers the overall lack of resonance against terrorists acts and sharia creep, then I believe the picture painted by an accurate pie chart representation would be significantly more telling.

    I understand the mentality by some who view such commentary as simply being islamaphobic, and that Muslims are entitled to their freedom of religion. I understand it as I used to be one of those people. However, I’ve since become aware that Islam is not a religion in the sense that I’ve perceived religion for the main of my life. It is primarily a totalitarian political system in which religion is used as a catalyst for control and oppression.

    If the notion that Islam is attempting world domination, and if the notion that a percentage of population formula is being used as a guide for how to convert a country to sharia is simply Islamaphobia, then why is it that this equation keeps playing out verbatim all over the world? And if violence is not Islam, then why is it that there have been thousands of acts of terrorism worldwide by Muslims since 9/11? One must learn to separate the original intentions of Prophet Muhammad with what Islam has become when deciding to remove the rose colored glasses and seeing the world around us. Understand the plight of women and children in Islamic controlled nations.

    Look here disbelievers:
    Notice that the child bride was taken to a hospital where signs of rape were all to apparent. Notice how no action was taken, because this is ACCEPTABLE under sharia law. This type of brutality is NOT all that isolated, and neither is the silence of rape victims all throughout the middle-east. In fact if a bride tries to escape such brutality, often it is the womans/girls family that will abuse/murder her next under the guise of family honor.
    Thanks but no thanks…I like our man made laws here in the USA.


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