The Animals Among Us: The Beginning Of The End

The Animals Among Us: The Beginning Of The End

Well, they found the artificial leg of the little girl who disappeared in Florida. They found the little girl’s DNA in the trunk of her mother’s car. They found the Jaw bone of woman in Aruba (it was not Natalie Holloway’s jaw bone…who’s was it?). They found the teenage girl alive, but her mother, brother, and a female friend were dismembered and stuffed into a hollow tree. They just sentence one of the two men that beat the Doctor with a base-ball bat, raped and killed his wife, raped his teen daughter, and tied her and her younger sister to a bed dousing them in gasoline and burning them to death. The one killer was sentenced to death, the other is awaiting trial.

Three little boys are now in the news. They disappeared and the search for them has been called off due to a lack of success. I fear I know what happened to them. I pray that I am wrong.

And it goes on and on and on: Seeming to increase in rate of occurrence—each new event more grotesque and horrifying than the others.

Our laws and courts do not protect our children from physical and sexual abuse and they do not protect them from pornography (depictions of rape and torture of women and of teen girls).

It is the law that we must report suspected cases of child abuse to Child Protective Services, but the geat majority of such cases are unsubstantiated and no action is taken. How could it be otherwise? Normally, there are no witnesses but the child and the perpetrator.

Our laws and courts do not protect us from these children, those that grow into monsters that attack and sexually assault us and our loved ones.

You and your loved one’s are on your own.

Get a dog that’ll bark and/or bite and a gun. Bring your children into the house and lock the doors—don’t trust your mate. 

It is the beginning of the end.

My anguished feelings have won on this day. Tomorrow will be better.

Billy Budd, 12/3/10

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