Do Not Let Congress Favor Itself

Do Not Let Congress Favor Itself

Congress must not be allowed salaries much greater than the average citizen, they must not be held above the law, they must not have a greater retirement plan than the average citizen, they must not be provided a better health care plan than the average citizen. In general, they must not be more privileged than the average citizen. Moreover, they should serve under the restraints of term limits so they do not become tempted by decades of accumulated power to enter into corrupt dealings.

The following quote by Thomas Jefferson allocates the responsibility for fixing the current mess that we call Congress t0 you and I, the average citizens of America.

Wake-Up America!

Founder's Quote Daily

“If it be asked, what is to restrain the House of Representatives from making legal discriminations in favor of themselves and a particular class of the society? I answer, the genius of the whole system, the nature of just and constitutional laws, and above all the vigilant and manly spirit which actuates the people of America, a spirit which nourishes freedom, and in return is nourished by it.” –James Madison, Federalist No. 57, 1788

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