Modern Liberalism: Chaos + Chaos = Chaos

Modern Liberalism: Chaos + Chaos = Chaos

The following  quote is taken from pps. 61 & 62 of  Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, by Robert Bork (1996). This book is a must read, if you would like to know how America is being destroyed right now, before your very eyes.

“The perpetual motion of liberalism was described by T. S. Eliot half a century ago”: ‘That liberalism may be a tendency towards something very different from itself, is a possibility in its nature…It is a movement  not so much defined by something definite.’ “What liberalism has constantly moved away from are the constraints on personal liberty imposed by religion, morality, law, family, and community.

“Liberalism moves, therefore, toward radical individualism and the corruption of standards that movement entails.”  ‘By destroying traditional social habits of the people, by dissolving their natural collective consciousness into individual constituents, by licensing the opinions of the most foolish, by substituting instruction for education, by encouraging cleverness rather than wisdom, the upstart rather than the qualified…Liberalism can prepare the way for that which is its own negation: the artificial mechanised or brutalised control which is a desperate remedy of its chaos.’

In my view,  modern liberalism’s defense against Islamic terrorism is chaos. Its defense against traditional American moral values is chaos.

Chaos + chaos = chaos: We lose! 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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