Islam In America

Islam In America
This is an article posted in the comments section by Frank.  There is truth to the concerns about the bigotry discussed there. But it is only part of the truth.
Another set of comments provided by Bruce highlights some other truths that also must not be ignored.
All in all, the concerns and issues involved are very complex and conflicted.
In my view, the main concern for America remainsto be  survival. Survival, with as many of the ideals intact as possible, that made America  great in the first place.
I do not see this happening without close selection of immigrating  individuals of all religions and belief systems, to be certain that they will assimilate into our culture’s conceptions of individual freedom and civil responsibility. This need not necessarily exclude people of any particular religion.
 I will argue that America has a responsibility to preserve its sociocultural viability and freedoms through the implementation of highly selective immigration policies and the protection of our borders from illigal immigration.
Please read and consider Frank’s posted article.  Then do the same with Bruce’s comments.
Our challenge is to accommodate the truths in eachof these presentations that, at first, appear to be in conflict.
We must then cope with these realities by reforming our immigration policies in ways that strengthen America.
VTM,    9/17/10
From Frank.

From Bruce.

Tom, I wonder if given your background, you might be able to shed some light on what a (lets say fictitious) society might look like where the following is true:

– Women are regarded as second class citizens.
– The state of a woman’s “virtue” endows the family’s honor, or lack there of. That “virtue” really equating to a ‘”trade-able” value in which to trade daughters as if one were purchasing livestock.
– Once traded/married, the woman does not have the standing to reject her owner/husbands sexual demands.
– A woman’s owner/husband has the right within that society to use capital punishment to any degree to fulfill his sexual desires.
– Women are not allowed to speak with other men, let alone ride in a car alone with them, or even go out in public without permission from her owner/husband.
– When a woman is in public, she is forced to cover herself completely but for some facial features, including all of the hair on her head. For arguments sake, lets say that to reveal any other portion of a woman’s body may be too much of a temptation to other men within that society.
– Any accusation of infidelity against a woman is met with capital punishment.
– So valued is the innocence of young women, that girls who have yet to reach the age of puberty may be viewed as a viable commodity to be traded.

If this fictitious society did exist, how sex-centric would you say such a society would be compared to other world societies?
How would women in such a society cope, and would they accept such societal standing as normal?
Why would men in such a society reject the notion of certain aspects of these points as being immoral and to what lengths might they go to keep the status-quo?
And if such a society were far more sex-centric then the rest of the world, would religion do more to aid the continuation of the cultural norms in such a society, or might it actually help keep that society from turning in to a state of sex driven chaos, where men slay each other to fight for sexual privilege much the way that we see in nature?

Lastly, is this in any part how the world is really viewing the Middle-East and her culture? Are people really so different from one another?

I ask these questions of you given your experience with the human psyche. If the women of the Middle-East in fact resemble those with BWS, and the men of Islam as the power hungry predators, perhaps the human rights angle France is using contains a particular merit.

One final thought – I sincerely wonder how closely the Muslim faith would resemble other world religions if it were free from Islam and Sharia law.

The evil that men do has always cast stains upon the underlying spiritual purity of our world’s religions. May God have pity for us all.

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3 Responses to “Islam In America”

  1. Bruce Says:

    About Islam creep: Watch this video if you dare:

    It aligns with what I have come to believe as true about Islam.


  2. Bruce Says:

    Tom, my post was intended as a question, and not commentary. Sorry if you confused the intent. Although perhaps a Sociologists might know better of how cultural norms might develop under the fictitious parameters provided. Frankly, I had hoped that you would post an answer.


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Yes, Bruce. I know it was intended as a series of questions. I do think, however, that your questions help to illustrate the gravity of things that are now challenging rational thought about Islam in America, or elsewhere.

      I look forward to having some time to carefully consider and try to answer your very challenging questions.

      I think your pondering these issues— and your concluding para. has merit…so I posted them.

      If you want me to do so, I will take them down. I appologize if posting them is a problem for you.



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